How to Prevent Breast Cancer: Every Woman Need to Know


Have you known that breast cancer is the world’s most widespread form of cancer in women? And the number of people suffering from it is constantly on the rise. There is about 2 million new cases of breast cancer every year and of those ¼ (or about half a million) women die. The good thing is that if breast cancer is detected in its early stages it can be cured in most of the cases.

The most exposed group are women from the age of 45-49 and from 55-59. Nevertheless, this has been changing over the last years, and more and more young girls, among them even teenagers, are diagnosed with breast cancer. That is why, you should know how to protect yourself from young age.


Here are several tips about how you can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Maintain healthy body weight, especially after menopause.

According to studies obesity increases the risk of breast cancer by 40%. So, you are increasing the risk of breast cancer by being overweight. The other thing is that, it will be harder for you to fight cancer (if it is diagnosed) if you are overweight. The BMI (body mass index) should be kept below 25. You should also regularly measure your waist. It shouldn’t be more than 80cm.

  1. Do not consume alcohol.

Do not drink more than one cup of alcohol a day. The more you drink, the more you increase your risk of getting breast cancer. According to studies, two alcoholic drinks per day increase the risk by 21%.

  1. More physical activity.

By exercising regularly, you will strengthen your immune system, reduce estrogen levels, and maintain a normal weight. It is also important to know that high estrogen levels are associated with higher risk of breast cancer. You should be physically active. Thirty minutes a day, five days a week are enough. Plus, it doesn’t have to be working out in the gym. It could just we walking at a moderate pace or running. If you decide on running, HERE are some basic things you should know about running in the summer. This will also help a woman who is already diagnosed with breast cancer to recover faster.

  1. Consider your family history.

A woman whose closest family members (as sister or mother) have suffered breast cancer is at the highest risk of it herself. That is why, your doctor should know if you have family member who has been through it. The doctor can change his/her recommendations for the age at which you should start screenings.

  1. Do not replace breastfeeding with formula milk.

If you are a mother, you should know that you should breastfeed your baby for at least six months. Women who breastfeed their babies reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Increase your intake of vitamin D.

Studies Vitamin D can also reduce the risk of breast cancer, according to studies. It will at the same time boost immunity and strengthen your bones.

  1. Take care of your nutrition.

It is believed that red meat increases the risk of breast cancer. So you should lower its consumption. You can opt for chicken or seafood instead.  Eat more fruits and vegetables too. It is recommended to eat about 5 portions of fruit or vegetables each day. You should also consume more of the following products: olive oil, broccoli, nuts, beans and salmon.

  1. Do regular breast examinations.

Unfortunately, you cannot protect yourself form breast cancer completely. You can reduce the risk, but that is all. That is why you should go for a scan from time to time. You can also self-exam your breasts.

  • Breast self-exam.Once a month you should do a breast self – exam, starting from your 20s. 3-5 days after your menstrual period is the best time to do this exam. Just check for any lump in your breasts that wasn’t there before.
  • Breast cancer mammogram. First mammography should be done around the 40th year. After the 40th year mammography should be done every 2 years. After the 50th year, it should be done every year.

And remember, the sooner cancer is diagnosed, the easier it can be cured.


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