Warning: Don’t do This When You Have Period, it Might Be Deadly – All Women Must Read!

A period is just a sign that a woman’s reproductive system is functioning properly. This monthly shedding of the uterine lining is a different experience for all women – heavy or light, painful or painless, periods are generally uncomfortable, sometimes even inconvenient. Although over time, each woman has an idea of this term, it is important to know when your period is sending signals that something is wrong.

There are some things you should not do during your period. In the midst of this period of the month, some women are blessed with an easy period, whereas others are quite the opposite. We share some tips that can help you deal with this situation.

Do not alter your pace of life these days.

Stress is an enemy of menstruation and to prevent it there are very effective relaxation methods. Nor do you avoid exercise that can act as relaxing by the ability to produce endorphins.

The cold is a bad companion. 

The most recommended are the baths of hot or warm water to reduce pain, or applying heat to the abdomen.

Do not take aspirin.

Aspirin is an anticoagulant effect, and this will make a more abundant than usual bleeding occurs. For menstrual cramps you can use drugs like ibuprofen without abusing them.

Avoid junk food.

A healthy and balanced diet will help to reduce discomfort, unlike fats and sugars. Calcium, fruits and vegetables are highly recommended during menstruation.

Not bad habits.

Soda and caffeine, alcohol and snuff drinks are vices that should be avoided to ward off the pain that occur during these days. You should drink plenty of water to keep liquids and not feel bloated.


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