Here are the reasons why your stomach is swollen and how you can fix it


Abdominal distention usually occurs after a heavy meal, although not always this is the cause. Having a swollen belly is a fairly common condition lately. Some people feel inflamed most of the time. Below you can read some reasons that cause swelling of the stomach and how you can help with this problem.

What is swelling?

A large number of people suffer from excessive swelling, belching or farting. Your stomach usually looks like a ball and they feel overwhelmed. Doctors have explained that swelling occurs when gas is full or inflammation occurs.


Citrus fruits

Some people over time develop a sensitivity to citrus and do not usually notice it, since it is something that develops over time and therefore do not suspect that citrus, something they are accustomed to consume without problems are the cause of the swelling.

To know if your swelling is produced by citrus, avoid consumption for 5 days, if the swelling disappears and you will know that the problem is being caused by citrus.


Constipation is the problem if you stop feeling puffy after going to the bathroom. This happens because the gases are trapped behind the feces. To improve the situation you need to start consuming foods rich in fiber. But be careful, you should begin to consume fiber gradually, as it can make the situation worse if you do it abruptly. Try also to consume more berries and substitute the white bread for integral bread. Natural shakes are recommended as well.


Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can cause bloating. Start consuming foods low in carbohydrates. Instead of sugar and alcohol you should eat fruits and vegetables.

You are too stressed

According to some studies stress can cause swelling in the belly. Digestive function is reduced when people are under stress. Constipation and stomach pain can cause swelling. You must eliminate stress and the problem will disappear.

You do not drink enough water

If you are not hydrated, you may have many health problems. Alcohol and coffee cause dehydration. You should consume 6-8 glasses of water each day. When insufficient water is introduced, the body uses the liquid it can find. Fluid retention also causes swelling so start drinking more water immediately.

Avoid eating too fast if you do not want to feel bloated. When you eat too fast and do not chew enough food, they cannot be digested properly. Try to eat small snacks, and chew them well before swallowing them.



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