4 Rules in S*x You Must Know by Age 30

As years pass, most of the people have better sex instead of decrease interest in sex. Have you ever wondered why is that?


Studies show that especially women enjoy sex most of 35 onwards. The reason is, according to scientists, a better knowledge of your own body, desires and needs.

And these are the four rules that you must master to the 35th year of your life:


Do what you want

Sex is an intimate and lustful thing involving two. The pleasure that lovemaking can bring is an amazing experience, but only if you do what suits you. It’s OK to say “no”, but do not be afraid to try something new.


The experimenting is not a taboo

Trust between partners in a long relationship is a must since it can affect the quality of sexual intercourse. When the two of them know enough, experiments in sex are more than welcome. Try, combine and enjoy.


Never without protection

Apart from avoiding pregnancy you must protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases that lately are more and more. This especially refers to those who are “fresh” and to newlywed intimate partners. Not worth the risk.


Take your time

The intimate relationship can be very interesting and could last all night … or day. But not the actual action, but the nubs before and after it. The seduction game, foreplay, hot breaks, a spread in the relationship. There are many possibilities, stimulating and very pleasurable. Enjoy relationship and explore your partner’s desires and needs.

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