This food could be the main cause of breast cancer

In Western culture we are accustomed to consume this food daily. Its use is so ingrained, that sometimes we do not notice that we are consuming it. This food is part of desserts, sauces and shakes; However, could be the main cause of breast cancer.

We are talking about milk of animal origin. A recent study reveals that its consumption could be the leading cause of breast cancer. Continue reading to discover the findings of this interesting research.


Although it is true that breast cancer can be caused in part by genetic predisposition, the results of this study point to milk as the main cause of breast cancer, increasing the trend of appearance, according to frequency, quantity And quality of food consumed.

The University of Bergen, Norway, performed some research and demonstrated a direct relationship between milk consumption and the appearance of breast lymphomas. According to their findings, women who consume more than three glasses of milk a day are 3.4 times more likely to have breast cancer. This fact makes animal milk the main cause of breast cancer.

This study, followed up on 16,000 patients and their milk consumption for a year and a half. In addition, statistical studies on milk consumption and the incidence of breast cancer in different countries were conducted.

With respect to the revised data on the incidence of cancer in certain countries, the highest rates of breast cancer were found in Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada and the United States; Being these countries those that have the highest consumption of milk of animal origin.

In parallel, it was noted that breast cancer has a very low incidence in Eastern countries, where milk is not part of the daily diet.

It is believed that it is not milk itself that causes breast cancer; But rather the additives with which it is enriched. For example, it has been determined that the growth hormones with which they feed the animals, are present in the milk they produce; The same applies to feed additives.

An interesting fact is that many commercial milk brands are enriched with vitamin D. So those who consume milk, consume twice as much vitamin D synthetic as those who do not. This vitamin, can be produced naturally by the body when we expose ourselves to the sun; So that their artificial consumption is actually unnecessary.

Another important factor to take into account; Is the type of diet. In the West the diet is based on sugars, processed flours, meats and junk food; With low consumption of fruits and vegetables; Contrary to what happens in the countries of the east, where breast cancer is less frequent.

As a last recommendation to decrease the risk of breast cancer; It is suggested to avoid the use of tight bras for more than 12 continuous hours. It is said that if women come home and remove the bra immediately, they could reduce the risk of suffering from it by 20%.


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