Shaving is not as easy as many think, and there is no right and wrong way to do it. We are here to show you how to do it properly, and now we never make these mistakes again.

Trim your pubic hair before shaving.

Razors are made for short hair so you may have noticed that they lose the edge after a shave. Her pubic hair should be shortened on the razor end she was able to glide smoothly. Take a couple of small sharp scissors and gently pull the hair from the body and cut hair.

If you feel that you are clumsy, you can use an electric adjustment condenser without rotating heads, because after all it is your precious space, and you do not want to get hurt.

Take a razor blade.

Nobody cares what color you like razors until they work properly. The most important thing is to have a great sharpness with three or more leaves to facilitate the shaving. And if you do not want to constantly buy new shavers they have to take better care of them. Use a special razor to the pubic area and always rinse the hair with it and clean it. Never leave it wet because water can erode and destroy razor blades.

Tighten the skin tightly.

F or the best shaving experience pull the skin well with your free hand while shaving the area. Razors work best on flat surfaces.

Shaving should be slow and smooth.

There are two things to remember about shaving pubic hair if you shave in the direction of hair growth will be to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs if you shave off hair growth will have a better shave. It is up to you to decide what is the approach you want, but if you have very sensitive skin you should not shave the contrary grow hair as it can cause complications.

You need to be careful not to overdo it with shaving. Do not stay in the same area a million times, it will irritate the skin. If you are new to shaving do not shave every day, spend a day or two and let the skin get used to it.

Prepare the skin before shaving

Before shaving, make sure your skin is clean and the pores are open. Use a mild soap and clean the area, but do not go beyond the labia majora. You can use a sugar scrub to purify the skin, or even a mixture of baking soda. This will open the pores and make the area easier to shave and reduce irritation and red spots.

Rinse remaining pubic hair, dry skin gently and moisturize

After washing the rest of the hair, dry the area and apply a gentle moisturizer. You can use baby oil or aloe vera, which is excellent for sensitive areas. Do not use scented moisturizers because only they can irritate the skin even more.


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