Super Tips: Reduce Your Stomach and Flatten Your Belly in Less Than 1 Week

Have not you noticed that when you wake up your stomach is flat and gets bigger and bigger during the day? This condition is mainly caused by daily habits that cause swelling.

Following the following 6 tricks will help you have a smaller and slimmer waist in just 6 days!

1. Reduce salt consumption

No doubt the food tastes better with salt, but the salt keeps the water in your body and this is how it ends up swollen. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of foods that contain large amounts of salt, such as potato chips and fast food (hamburgers, hot dogs, among others)


2. Avoid carbohydrate consumption

People love to eat white bread, pasta and rice. The reality is that these are full of carbs that are the biggest enemies when it comes to weight loss. In contrast, it is recommended to eat foods rich in proteins and vegetables.

3. Forget milk

Lactose intolerance can cause digestion problems and make the stomach swell. If you are not sure that you are lactose intolerant you can try to avoid dairy products for a week and see how your body reacts to it. If you notice any improvement then you are lactose intolerant.

4. Choose the fruits to eat well

Although fruits are healthy, some may cause bloating. Avoid eating apples, pears and melons because they are difficult to digest and can cause gas and bloating. It is advisable to eat lemons, oranges and berries.

5. Say no to Spicy Spices

Spicy spices can make your stomach hard and swollen. Although they are very healthy you should try not to eat them daily.

6. Avoid AAFs

AAF is an abbreviation for sugar, alcohol and fried foods. You should avoid fried foods or that are battered in oil or pickled products like nuggets. In the case of the products collected is added to a food an excessive supply of carbohydrates, therefore the calorific value of that food is increased.

These are the things that you should definitely take into account to have a healthy life and achieve reduce fat in the abdomen with total safety.


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