Today, the vast majority of women consider the menstrual period as hell because they suffer from discomfort and discomfort, while others are often very blessed, without any discomfort or pain.

Throughout the menstrual cycle, we can get to suffer some disorders that are the ones that usually do much heavier, all these days. So that we manage to avoid suffering some symptoms, we must take into account, many things so that we do not get to make any kind of mistake, that make us pay the consequences.

Unprotected sex:

There are many women who feel disgusted with the simple fact of having sex during the whole process of their period, while there are other women who enjoy it to the fullest, if you are one of them, we can recommend, always use The condoms, because if you get to do it without any protection, you can get any type of infection. But, if you are one of those who do not like using condoms, we recommend that you do not have a sexual relationship, until your period is finished, in order to avoid all infections.

Never skip a meal:

It is not recommended that you do this, because you find yourself losing a lot of blood during this time and the food will only feel full of many energies.

Stay away from physical work:

In case you get to feel discomfort of the back and the stomach, you must keep as far as you can from all the physical work, that is heavy, in its defect strong, because this type of effort worsens all its pain. In case you are one of those women who do not feel any pain, throughout your period, you do not have to avoid it, you can do all your exercise routines in a very normal way.

Fast food:

Your stomach, you’re going to sing a whole different melody, after you’ve eaten a meal, which is not very healthy, all this time. You must try not to eat that food, which is unhealthy.

Meanwhile, if you take a good healthy diet and at the same time balanced, this will help reduce all discomfort, the opposite of fats and sugars. Calcium, fruits and vegetables are the most recommended during the period of menstruation.


You should not take aspirin, all acetylsalicylic acid, usually have an anticoagulant effect, and this is what will cause bleeding, much more abundant than usual. For all menstrual cramps, we recommend that you use drugs, such as ibuprofen, without the need to abuse them.

The cold is a very bad companion, we recommend 100% a warm water bath, so you can reduce the pain, or in the same way you can apply the heat in the part of the abdomen.

Bad habits:

All soft drinks, any type of food or drink, which may contain caffeine, alcohol and tobacco, are all the vices you should avoid to keep away all the pain that occurs during all these days.

Tips for your benefit:

  • Do not drink ice water, because it leads to menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall, which makes it contribute to a cyst and RAHM cancer, after about 5 to 10 years.
  • It is not advisable to drink soda water.
  • Do not eat cucumbers, because the substance they usually have, may cause a little liquid, so that they can be lodged in the walls of the uterus.


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