It may seem that your feet do not have much importance in your health and do not contribute anything to it. But contrary to that thought, when speaking of the external aspects of the body, no other part of your body works as much as the feet.

Without the feet it would be impossible to get moving so that an oversight could bring serious consequences such as back, knee and hip pain. This can make your life a mess!

Next we will show you 5 exercises of feet with which you will be able to avoid those annoying and unbearable pains in mentioned areas of your body.



  1. Pressure with the tip of the feet

Your feet will always need to have their muscles properly heated before they start exercising. One way to do this is by pressing with the tip of the feet and turns out to be a relaxing and low impact movement.

You should just stand and bend your knees in light movements, then try to grab the floor with your toes and hold that posture in what counts until 3. Repeat this 10 times 3 times a day.

  1. Walking on tiptoe

This exercise of feet is not just for dancers; you can do it too. This exercise is excellent for making the toes stronger, also affecting the ligaments and muscles that surround the balls of the feet.

You only have to stand with the tips of them and walk forward for 20 seconds. After completing this walk, take a break and do 5 more reps. It is suggested to do this exercise 2 times a day.

  1. Ankle Circles

Both mobility and flexibility of the ankles are both extremely important. The ankles are narrow and narrow and usually affect the rest of the body, causing muscle pain and joint throughout the body. If your ankles are tight, you may experience hip, back, or knee pain.

To perform the ankle circles, place your back on the floor and extend one leg over your head. Rotate the ankle of the extended leg clockwise for 10 counts. Then, twist the ankle of the extended leg counterclockwise for 10 counts. Change legs and repeat.

  1. Weathered flexion

A very effective exercise is flex since it helps to direct the muscles of the foot that are difficult to reach. Usually, these muscles play a crucial role in maintaining balance. Strengthening these muscles will prevent injury.

To perform this exercise, you will need an exercise band. Sitting on the floor, straighten your feet towards the front. After this, wrap an exercise band around a sturdy chair or a bed post, and then place the band on the top of your feet. While sitting on the floor, you should slide back until you feel the tension in the band.

Bend your feet back and hold it for 5 seconds, release and repeat this movement for 10 repetitions.

  1. Pick up pencil with your toes

This exercise is not difficult at all and you can do it wherever you want. All you need for this exercise is a pencil (or pen). Stand in front of the pencil you want to collect. Leaning on your toes try to grab this pencil and lift it off the floor, hold for 10 seconds, then drop it. Repeat this movement 5 times for each foot.

This exercise routine will only take about 20 minutes to complete. Perform these exercises in a succession of one after another every 2-3 days to get the best results.



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