One of the things that always happens to us is that whenever we go out we can look for lenses to protect our eyes from the sun, like our lenses we normally use to read or to be in front of our computer, for that reason can always be our favorite accessories.

However, one of the things that can happen is that often the lenses usually suffer a lot of damage and can end up being a big problem for each one of us, for that reason we always have to be pending since the lens glass It can scratch and that if it is a problem.

In many places replacing the lenses can end up being a big problem, for that reason we must have a lot of care so that they can be preserved, however we are going to show you a method in which you can clean your lenses without these Become damaged.



We are going to show you a list of products that can help you improve the condition of your lenses by eliminating scratches they may have.

The best thing is that they are products that you can usually have at home and they will also help you to improve the condition of your lenses as soon as possible.

Furniture wax: it can be quite good, all you have to do is apply it on the lenses with a soft cloth and gently rub, so they can look like new.

– Sodium bicarbonate: Mix a little baking soda with water until you have a soft, thick paste, and then you can rub it on your lenses, then you can rinse it with cold water.

-Protector solar: you have to put some sunscreen on the crystals, with a soft cloth you should clean it very well and after a few minutes you can see how these can be eliminated quickly.

-Dental tooth: this is quite good just apply a little and rub with a cotton for about 10 seconds. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the cream does not have any type of bleach or colored gel as this can damage the glass.

Car wax: Apply this on the lenses to remove the scratches you may have on your crystals. With an application equal to that of wax for furniture.

-Acid Crystal: One of the things you can use is the acidic paste so you have the opportunity to remove scratches from the crystals.

-Dust mustard and vinegar: you should use it in the same way as baking soda and water, mix the vinegar with the powdered mustard, so that you have the opportunity to improve the glass.

-Plashes for metals: this product can have a lot of benefits for the lenses, only then you should rinse everything with alcohol.

– Body oil: it is quite good so that you can eliminate the scratches that can be in your lenses, you just have to rub it a little and very carefully.

Now that you know each of the items that you can use to eliminate scratches do not hesitate to use them to improve the appearance of your lenses.


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