A 68-year-old man is taken to the emergency department to extract this enormous thing from him …

It is incredible the things that happen in this world, and what a human being is capable of, above all, we are very astonished when things happen to older people, that is to say, people older than 50 years, because we always have the belief that Older people are more aware than young people, but in this story we bring them today is just the opposite.

The lord of the story, surely is already a grandfather and his family does not know what mischief is doing when he is alone in his room.

The doctors were puzzled when the 68-year-old man arrived at the emergency room after spending 10 hours trying to remove a considerable 23cm dildo.

They were forced to put the man under anesthesia so they could take out the dildo with a pair of tweezers AND WHAT THEY FOUND WAS AMAZING

The incident occurred at the Mater Hospital in Dublin and has just been released in the International Journal of Surgery case reports.

The report said: “A 68-year-old man presented to the emergency department with severe discomfort in the lower abdomen, bloating, inability to urinate and intestinal problems.

He had inserted a phallic object into the rectum ten hours before the presentation and had not been able to remove it himself. “

“After an attempt to remove it manually, the decision was taken at the emergency department to remove it under anesthesia due to worsening symptoms.”

“The phallic object was removed correctly under general anesthesia, using a pair of Magill forceps.”

This news has left the doctors completely atonic and the readers as well, since no one imagines that a person of that age could do that type of things.


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