Apply THIS on your HAIR and you will see that it will start to grow like CRAZY in a week

Your hair does not grow and you’ve done everything to achieve the length you’ve always wanted but you have not got it? … because today I’m going to give you my secret to have long hair.

If you have desire to have thick and beautiful hair and your hair does not grow properly, or if you want to grow your hair faster after a haircut and you cannot get it would be very easy to use the hair extensions that offer the opportunity to Get a hair like the one you want, but there are ways to grow hair faster and naturally, too. It is much less expensive, and the results will last much longer. Read on to know how to grow your hair and have it glowing naturally.

Potato juice for hair growth

Potato water adds shine to the hair as well as aiding in its natural growth. Apart from that, it will keep your hair with good aroma during the day.

Preparation of potato water

  • To prepare the potato water you must wash a potato very well and peel the skin properly.
  • Now cut the potato into small pieces and grind it in a blender in the form of a puree.
  • In case the mash is too thick, a little water can be added to it.
  • Once done, strain the puree into a clean, fresh bowl with a muslin cloth. This separates the juice from the potato leftovers and will give you the potato extract that is needed for hair growth.

How to use

To apply potato juice to the hair during hair growth and greater thickness it is necessary to gently massage the scalp. Use the rest of the juice in the locks of hair. This should be covered with a shower cap. Leave this liquid in the hair for about 20-25 minutes before rinsing with water. This should be followed once a week for visible results in hair growth.

Along with the growth, potato juice brightens the hair. Other than that, it stays away from bad smell in the hair unlike beer and onion juice.


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