Emma Sealey, from the English city of Redich, was so obese that she could not fasten her seat belt. Today thanks to this diet and daily exercise, Emma weighs 125 kilograms less. Most importantly, no surgical procedure was done.

This 35-year-old woman was convinced she was going to die before 40 because of her excessive weight. At that time, she weighed 181 kilograms.

Despite the pleas of his loved ones to go see his doctor and ask for a stomach reduction, he opted for a healthier way to lose weight.

He wore clothing size 36, and in two years he managed to replace his old clothes with a new one of size 8. Now his weight shows a wonderful 56.7 kilograms!

Emma realizes that she could barely walk in her boyfriend’s car, and that even when she could climb, she could not put on her seat belt. She added that every time she weighed, she felt disgust for herself.

Emma began to gain weight in her childhood, when her best friend died, and began to eat more because the food made her feel good. He visited his doctor in the hope that he would send her to a center to reduce his body weight.

When she visited her doctor, for the first time after many years, Emma weighed herself. The doctor did not have to say anything; she immediately knew that she had to lose weight as soon as possible or she was going to die before turning 40.

With the help of some Cambridge advisors, she began to get rid of all the bad habits she had in her daily diet in order to lose weight.

Before starting her weight loss regimen, Emma usually did not eat breakfast, but for lunch, she ate sausages, cheese and fries with onions, and for dinner she usually ate chicken with curry and rice with bread. Her favorite food was chocolate.

What she began to eat?

During his weight loss regimen, he usually ate cereal with skim milk for breakfast. At lunch we ate a tuna sandwich with whole meal bread, while for dinner we usually had boiled fish and fresh vegetables. And as for the collations, he replaced the chocolate with apples, pears, strawberries and oranges.

Little by little he began to lose six kilos a month. In addition to proper nutrition, Emma began training regularly with a personal trainer, and when the weather was nice, she started running and cycling.

She says she is more confident now and is very proud of herself for having lost 125 kilos. Currently, she loves walking by the windows and see the reflection of her figure.


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