This is the Correct Way to Prepare Cinnamon Tea to Lose a Lot of Weight

Cinnamon tea is one of the most effective diet drinks, also called the ” ALMOST PERFECT DIET ” to lose weight without diets or exercise, powerful antioxidant, ideal for burning abdominal fat waist and hips.

Cinnamon tea is a recipe full of benefits and properties for our health. We discover how to prepare it at home and what qualities it brings. The preparation of this tea is very easy, it will help you to accelerate the metabolism so that you lose kilos and kilos.

Cinnamon tea

One of the important factors to lose weight is to keep the glycemic index at bay, and cinnamon tea is one of the slimming drinks that fulfills that function in full, controlling the levels of blood glucose, that are in permanent form, of So that there are no insulin spikes or pronounced drops.

How to Prepare Green Tea and Cinnamon To Lose Weight

The production of cinnamon tea is extremely simple and easy to prepare. So much that in a few minutes you will be able to enjoy all its flavor, and above all, of all its qualities.


-1 liter of water

-1 Cinnamon stick or its equivalent of 5 teaspoons ground cinnamon

-1/2 teaspoon honey


Boil the water until you put out the fire and place the bar of cinnamon, leave it to stand for ten minutes with the container covered, then glue and add the honey.

How can I take it to lose weight fast?

Take three cups per day, divided into day preferably one in the morning, in the afternoon and the last before bed. You can eat cold or hot, as you like.

Additional Benefits of Cinnamon Tea:

1.- Clean the intestines.

2.- It eliminates abdominal fat and does not return.

  1. Reduces cholesterol and glucose.

It is not medically advisable to treat people with a history of stomach ulcers, pregnancy or lactation.


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