7 Best Reasons to Fall in Love with a Chubby Woman

Women who have a few extra pounds have always been highly criticized, the established powers have been careful to sell us the idea that women should be thin and that extra fat is bad for everyone. But the reality is that women with more meat really abound on the planet and their feelings have always been ignored by the media, they mean what is perfect and what is not.

That is why here we seek to get rid of that concept and we will talk about the advantages of marrying a full woman, in fact they are the best.


1.- They are authentic women

As they really have nothing to lose they concentrate on being themselves and being completely happy. They are happy with the life they have and focus on the present. They are excellent to talk to, because they will always give you honest answers, not what you want to hear.

2.- They are the most affectionate

The fact that you are with them is the maximum, you are the most important person in your life, so concentrate on giving you all the care and affection possible. They will never tell you no to a proposal.

3.- Your support for you will always be unconditional

In whatever kind of life project you have they will always be there to support you with everything in your hands. They are your number one fan and they demonstrate it day by day with a devotion that cannot be equaled.

4.- They cook extremely rich

Being of good eating know very well how to have an impressive seasoning, they fall in love through the stomach and know very well how to do it. We recommend that you pay attention so that you learn to cook something rich yourself.

5.- They are the best in bed

The fact of being a little plump gives them more vigor in the moment, as they make him more want. For them you are a god that you have to please at all times, that is why they strive in everything they do and seek to put white eyes of happiness. They are experts in oral tasks.

6.- Do not worry about making a fool of yourself

The fact of having extra kilos takes away a lot of modesty and they never worry about what they will say. Their main goal is to have fun and generally be happy. Do not grieve when singing, modeling or gluing a few shouts.

7.- Have a great sense of humor

Being full of criticism they slip easily, have developed steel skin and they are the first to make fun of themselves. That is why as the years pass they develop a sense of humor difficult to match.

Remember that real women have true curves.


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