8 Typical Lies that Men Tell to Take a Girl to Bed

Yes, yes … I almost believe it. Oh boys, this is a subject of yesteryear … who has not happened to say or have to listen to more of a lie to have sex? But above all, men are the experts in cheating when it comes to carrying a girl to bed. Apparently, their need leads them to say anything, but what they do not know is that women are clear. There will always be a girl who falls into the farce, but most of us already know the tricks.

If you are too innocent and do not know what we are talking about, we leave you a list with the 10 most typical lies that men say so as to get sex (it will make you laugh to realize you have heard them more than you think):

1. I like you

She knows you two hours ago, she danced with you and she does not want to go home alone. That’s when she magically likes you. Are you really going to fall?

2. I had never felt this for anyone else

It may become true, but clearly it is a farce if it takes little time to meet. Nobody can realize this so fast and saying it only hides the craving for relationships.

3. Are we going to see a movie at home?

Yes, you can watch the movie for a few minutes, but we all know the intention is to end up wallowing in the dark. If you accept the invitation, do not say that we do not warn you.

4. Come and sleep with me, I promise we will not make love

Ok, this borders on the absurd, but still there are those who still use this lie. How dumb do you think we are? Yes, it will be very romantic, but this phrase is not believed by the Pope.

5. My girlfriend does not understand me

Poor him, your girlfriend is evil and you can save him … in the long run, if you have a heroine spirit you will be happy to think that you can be better than the boy’s partner and “rescue” him from that suffering

6. I no longer have sex with my partner

Something like “I’m only with her for my children …”. Having no relationship with your partner does not mean that you are single, and even less will have something serious with you if you only want for sex. DO NOT FALL!

7. I’m falling in love with you

Because for many sex IS love, just hearing these simple words make them fall at the feet of the males … but how crude is this lie and how easy it is to detect it. Open your eyes.

8. Why do not we go to a quiet place to talk?

Super innocent … the boy is so interested in you and listening to you, he needs to get you out of the party so he can talk quietly with you. Do not invent …


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