The family heard screams in her coffin, when they opened it she did not stop shouting the name of her murderer, but that was not all…

Definitely the world is full of strange things, to which sometimes we cannot give a logical explanation, as what we are about to tell you in the following article. So much so that sometimes they fit into the genre of the incredible. Many people believe they have seen ghosts or have witnessed very rare events. Are you ready for this story? We assure you that you can never overcome it.

Also, not only can we be in the presence of strange events, but people as such may be crazy, we have all seen people act strange. Whenever we go there is some human specimen that draws more attention than the rest, that is more than sure. Either because you like it or because it is given in a natural way. We are capable of doing amazing things.

Nature can also show us curious things from time to time, rare animals or animals doing strange things. You cannot imagine what we’ll tell you today. The world is full of everything, and the casualties can be quite surprising and curious as well. Sometimes an effect of light or of some can cause in us a distortion of the things as they really are. But other times, we just witness something that has no explanation. Evil in this world reigns.

Woman tells the experience of being buried alive

As we said above, man is capable of doing horrible things to his neighbor. Definitely after you read this story you will not be able to trust anyone ever again. We found it incredible when we were told and so we decided to share it with the world.

If hell exists, surely this man will go there for the horrible things he did. The world was indignant at the moment it heard of this terrifying story. Everywhere there are always psychopaths and that is why we must take care of ourselves completely and not trust anyone. Not even our trusted doctor.

Today’s story is about a young woman named Margarita, she was barely 17 years old and her family was crying her death. That was one of the most difficult moments of that family, but they were not ready for what they lived minutes later at the funeral.

The cause of death of the young woman, as determined by her doctor was a very strong blow to the head, which had killed her immediately. As it turns out that the doctor was at the same time her uncle, he was also devastated by such loss. What happened next took everyone by surprise.

As it turns out, at a time of burial, the family begins to see and hear blows and shouts that came from the coffin. The girl’s mother immediately fainted because she could not bear to see what she was living. Terrified the family opens the coffin and realizes that their daughter was only unconscious and not dead.

After the scare passed, Margarita tells the truth and it turns out that her uncle the doctor had raped her and to hide the crime decided to “kill” but instead made her faint. That was very close to being a tragedy for the girl. Can you imagine being buried alive and having to suffer in agony 7 meters underground? Frightening!


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