Homemade Mask to Lighten Skin and Remove Stains in 7 Days

Smears on the face can appear for a variety of reasons: by the sun, during pregnancy, by oral contraceptives, by acne, etc. Do not forget that to avoid staining on the skin, it is best to eliminate the cause that originate, so we should care for our food, avoid bad habits like tobacco, use sunscreen, do not sunbathe in the hours of more radiation, etc.

One of the many properties of hydrogen peroxide is its ability to remove stains from clothing and skin. Some of the most frequent uses of hydrogen peroxide is to clear the armpits, remove a stain or get rid of dark spots on the skin. Rinse the skin with hydrogen peroxide is very simple. 


  • (4) Drops of hydrogen peroxide
  • (2) Spoons of milk powder
  • (3) Drops of natural glycerin
  • The juice of a small lemon

How to prepare it:

We take all the ingredients and we mix them in a preferably glass vessel, uses a spoon, until obtaining a creamy and uniform mixture. This will let it stand for 5 minutes before using or applying our paste …

How to use and apply:

Every night before going to bed we will wash our face with warm water preferably and apply the mask to let it act all night. The next day we will wash our face with cold water and dry very well. This we will do it for 7 consecutive days and we will see the results at the end.


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