The dramatic story of the NURSE picture asking for silence. In..

Certainly, you have seen an image often used in hospitals and health centers, where for obvious reasons visitors should remain silent. It is the image of a nurse reminding everyone who observes that they should be silent. However, have you ever wondered who is the woman who appears in the emblematic photograph? In the following paragraphs we will tell you her story.

Her name is Muriel Mercedes Wabney, Ll girl was a well-known model of Argentine origin, and the famous photograph was created to be placed in maternity centers, clinics and hospitals, clinics.

The expression she makes is known worldwide, because she has her index finger on her lips, indicating that silence must be kept, but in a subtle and not authoritative way.

At that time, the chief of medical visitors of a large pharmaceutical company, Juan Craichik, was the one who took the initiative because he observed that the waiting rooms of the clinics and hospitals were a very noisy place, so he came up with the idea of placing an image that all the time was remembering the importance of being silent in hospitals.

Craichik without hesitation unveiled his new project to his company and it was approved, began to cast a professional model.

The favored one was Muriel, who dedicated an entire afternoon to carry out the photo shoot.

The attributes that Craichik saw, in Argentina girl, commented “She was deaf-mute, her face was different, soft, harmonious, sweet-looking … authoritatively sweet, immediately provoking silence and calm.”

The photograph was distributed worldwide, was given to medical centers, hospitals and maternity centers around the world, the author did not charge a single penny for his work.

The girl, besides being deaf and dumb, was a married woman with no children and it was never revealed how much she was paid for the photo and the reproductions of this one, a woman as mysterious as her own image.


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