Look at why the breasts hurt during the period and how to fix it


This is the real reason why the breasts hurt during the period and we will tell you how to fix it. It is really a terrible pain that not everyone understands as well as you.

Starting from this principle there is no more terrible pain during the period (besides feeling that you are being devoured by a shark while you cry and laugh at the same time) that of the breasts. For any slight touch, they hurt, and a lot! I did not know for sure, until now why this happens … until now! later we will introduce you, one or another advice that can serve you for those days.

We love our breasts; we all know it perfectly. However, when you are in your period … the girls can be somewhat hostile. they change from being blessings to curses in the form of swollen and really painful rocks.

What is the reason for this? The answers to all our problems have Sara Towgood, she is an obstetrician-gynecologist.

the biggest cause is the natural oscillations of the hormone. Your hormones are rising and falling steadily, depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle. The two main responsible for sore breasts? Progesterone and estrogen.

We explain to you, during the two weeks before your period, both begin to rise. This stimulates the connective tissue in the breasts, which can trigger sensitivity and inflammation. In most cases, our “girls” feel pain on both sides, often in the upper outer area closest to the armpits, and especially in the week before the period.

As soon as the period arrives, progesterone and estrogen levels fall, which usually eases discomfort for a day or two. And to feed your knowledge, some are more sensitive than others. That is why while you suffer, your friend does not feel anything about it. We are all different.

Another cause could be birth control pills may also be the reason for the pain. Even if you’ve never felt pain, your pills may be doing the work.

When you start to use the pills, your system needs time to adjust to them. Changing hormones with pills may be enough to trigger premenstrual breast pain, even if you are not sensitive to it


It is assumed that after a few cycles your body should get accustomed to the pill and stop hurting. notwithstanding if the pain continues, ask your doctor if they can change them. Maybe pills are the problem, not you.

However luckily there is much you can do to feel better. For most women, breasts are the worst during the period. Here are some of the recommendations to make you feel better.

Several research supported to prevent pain include avoiding very salty meals, exercising regularly in the two weeks before the period and limiting caffeine in general.


If you are already sore, consider taking a dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen, two medicines to reduce inflammation.

Placing ice packs or something warm in the chest for a few minutes several times a day can help keep the pain and swelling in check. Why both?, experiment with heat and cold to see that brings you greater relief. Remember, we are all different.

Last but not least, consider your bra. If you tend to wear without bra or elastics, try using a tight, supportive or even sporty one on the days you feel pain (the less movement, the less pain).

If this still persists the pain, it is best to consult your doctor. Something more serious could be if your breasts ache as your period comes and goes. In some cases, persistent pain in the breast may be a sign of a cyst, infection, or pregnancy. Whatever the cause, your doctor can help you find the solution, do not be afraid!


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