Here is How to Fill Cavities Without Going to the Dentist!

It is a matter of fact that everyone hates going to the dentist’s office to fill cavities. Your teeth should be drilled first and then filled, and some people may experience the so-called “dentist stress.

However, the good news is that there is absolutely no need to go to the dentist to fill the cavity anymore!

  • Cavity

The four layers, which are the teeth are made of can be damaged by the acid in the mouth. These layers can dissolve and the cavity is in.

  • The symptoms

In order to know if you are suffering from a cavity you should pay attention to the many symptoms that occur with them such as: discolored spots on the teeth, pain when eating, toothache and sensitivity to hot food or cold All of these can be eliminated by going to the dentist and filling the cavity. However, for those people who are stressed by the effect of drilling, there is another solution.

  • The filling of cavities without the need for a drill

Recent research carried out in Japan has developed a way to fill the cavities without drilling. Scientists succeeded in making a paste, which is similar to tooth enamel (the hard mineralized protective shell known as the first layer of teeth). This type of paste can be used to fill the cavities without the need to pierce first. Therefore, stress aside, you do not always have the need to go to the new dentist to fill cavities.

  • Properties

According to the research, the filled cavities of this paste are as good as those occupied by metals. The only difference is that with this paste, the cavity can be filled without the need to pierce the parts of the teeth, so that the chances of spreading caries would be reduced. Note that this paste should be used in the early stages of decomposition.

  • How to use it

This paste is heavily concentrated in hydrogen peroxide and acid, so it could cause inflammation of the gums if not used properly. So, if you want to use it at home, you should consult your dentist.

  • Availability

The only way to buy this product is through your dentist. It is known to give effect in less than 20 minutes, so that its cavity will fill in a short time. This product will be available for distribution next year.

  • Prevent dental caries

The existence of this paste should not make you stop brushing your teeth. We all know that good oral hygiene is the solution to prevent and prevent cavity. By brushing your teeth every day with a good toothpaste, and cleaning your mouth with anti-bacterial fluids, you can have healthy teeth. If you do not want to use toothpaste, you can use natural coconut paste or oil (so you can try the traction oil).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the daily diet is the main factor of your oral health. The food we eat determines the re-mineralization process, so the more minerals your diet includes, both your healthy teeth will convert. However, brushing with toothpaste every day can reduce the risk of tooth decay. Egg shells can also be used to mineralize the teeth.


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