German Oceanographer States: Pyramids and Technology Found Under the Bermuda Triangle are Unknown to Modern Science

This is the news for the Bermuda Triangle that everyone has been expecting!

An oceanographer claims that beneath the Bermuda Triangle, there is a technology like it has never been seen before, and they believe that this technology does not originate from Earth.

The Bermuda Triangle is also called The Devil’s Triangle and it is consisted of three points that make it look like a real triangle: Puerto Rico, Florida and Bermuda. It is stretched across less than a thousand miles on each three sides.

Do you believe that this strange triangle can be an evidence of some activity from outer space on Earth?

One thing is certain, there is countless number of unexplainable stuff going on within that triangle: disappearing airplanes, ships and hundreds of people who’ve lost their lives.

Two enormous pyramids were found in the center of the Bermuda, which are built out of some type of thick glass.

What’s unusual about these pyramids is the technology discovered inside of them.

It is totally unknown to the modern science. These structures, situated at a depth of 2,000 meters under the water, were discovered by a German oceanographer Dr. Meyer together with his team.

Meyer strongly believed that this discovery will help them solve all the mysteries connected with the disappearance of all the people, ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle.

So many scientists tried to solve the mysteries within this triangle, but no one was able to give a precise answer or confirm their theory. They all relied on speculation.

Dr. Mayer claims that the reason for these mysterious things is the crystal that these pyramids are made from. 
On the other hand, paranormal researchers claim that we do not have the right equipment in order to explore the area thoroughly and they are not sure that these pyramids really exist at the bottom of Bermuda triangle.

There have been a few reports that the pyramids really exist but many people don’t take this information seriously, because they strongly disagree that there are any types of pyramids there.

It is believed that American oceanographers have already found these strange structures twenty years ago. In their findings they came to a conclusion that the structures are surrounded with some flat surface, possibly some type of glass or crystal. Although no one ever was able to photograph these pyramids, they are said to be three times bigger that the Great Pyramid of Giza.

At the moment, it is believed that military and governmental agencies know the truth about whether these pyramids exist or not, and all the information about the Bermuda triangle are kept by them.

The US military is the one who is in charge with this territory, that’s why it’s almost impossible for new investigations to be done. Some sources say that Mayer’s research was also confiscated by the military and even if we try to search for his identity or existence we cannot confirm it. So we are not even sure whether this research really existed. This is of course only one theory that we also cannot confirm to be 100% true. Nevertheless, the truth about this may be totally different for what we expect and maybe there’s nothing supernatural in it after all.

The opinions about the Bermuda triangle remain divided. Some think that it is just unreal Hollywood movie script and others believe that there is really something strange, something unexplainable like an alien technology that is far better than the one from our modern world.

Unfortunately, there were so many invented stories and unconfirmed theories coming out, that the media started to ignore any type of news that will appear and always avoided broadcasting any information concerning the Bermuda triangle.

Today people are still confused, and not quite sure what is really happening. It seems like it is up to the reader to decide whether or not they believe in such mysterious discoveries.

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