After Using This You Will Not Have to Use Lipstick, Because Your Lips Will Look Beautiful Naturally


Today is very simple to have perfect lips like those of Angelina Jolie, but without getting botox or any other nonsense of chemicals that could wear or even hurt the skin of your lips.

On this occasion, I want to show you a good beauty trick with which you will have large lips naturally and without resorting to surgery, the best thing is that your lips will look great and you will achieve with natural ingredients and very economical.

Remedy to have pink lips.
Step 1 – Remove the dark layer of the lips.
-1 teaspoon of coconut oil.
-A teaspoon of sea salt.
-1 cotton ball.

-You have to mix coconut oil and sea salt in a bowl.
-Then apply the mixture to your lips with the help of the cotton ball.
– Immediately, massage your fingers with circular movements for one minute.
– Let the mixture act for 15 minutes.
-And finally remove it by rinsing with warmth and dry your lips with a cloth.

Step 2 – Lip balm for the day:
1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
-1 tablespoon olive oil.
-¾ teaspoons of honey.

The first thing you will have to do is mix all the ingredients very well in a bowl, for example in a small glass jar with a lid.
During the day, whenever you feel your lips dry, use a little of this mixture and apply with your fingers doing a small massage.

Step 3 – Lip balm for the night:
-1 capsule of vitamin E.
What you will have to do is open the capsule and you must put the contents in your fingers.
Then apply on the lips every night before bed, with the help of a light massage.
By following these 3 steps regularly, you will get perfect lips and a totally natural and beautiful pink color. You will be surprised by these results.
We hope this article will serve you and help you to have those beautiful lips that you want so much, do not forget to leave your comments. See you soon

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