Habits that STOP Hair GROWTH and That You do Every Day Without Knowing It


The growth of hair is 1 to 1.3 cm per month, although the care we give greatly influence the speed with which it grows.

Unfortunately, there is not something that makes hair magically accelerate its growth, so just taking care of it will achieve the goal.
That is why, in this article we will show you some habits that prevent hair from growing:
1. Cut your hair regularly.
This will help get rid of damaged tips. Cut the tips every 6 weeks.
2. Use moisturizing products.
Always keep your hair hydrated, so use shampoo and conditioner according to your needs.
3. Peel less often.
You do not have to comb your hair before going to sleep. By combing more, you hurt more.
4. Keep hair away from high temperatures.
Using the iron, tongs or dryer from time to time, will not damage your hair if the temperature is not very high.But the best thing is to expose as little as possible to the use of heat.
5. Nourish hair.
You should wear a capillary mask once a month. This will strengthen and brighten your hair.
6. Carefully color the hair.
Too many chemicals cause hair to suffer severe damage. If you decide to change color, do not do it alone and contact a professional.
7. Hold your hair gently.
Braids and pigtails too tight and worn for a long time, cause breaks.
8. Live healthy.
You should eat healthy, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to keep you healthy, so your hair looks beautiful.
Now that you know the habits that cause your hair does not grow, do not hesitate to improve them and recommend this article.

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