How to detect if your fruits are covered with wax


Nature has provided us with a healthier alternative to sweets. Fruits are as sweet as sweets, but their sweetness is not the result of artificial sugars or other things detrimental to our health.

Apples, pears and other fruits are full of vitamins and minerals, and provide a sweet palate satisfaction for those who love it.
One thing that must concern you is the origin of the fruits you are buying. Unfortunately, there are distributors that cover fruits with a wax, to increase their longevity and improve their appearance, but this wax is toxic to the body.
Farmers and manufacturers have an unpleasant rite of covering their fresh produce with wax so they can last longer. This process includes a process in which the natural wax is removed from the fruit, and then the product is coated with petroleum wax.
Although they say that this wax keeps the fungus and bacteria away from the fruits, and retains the product, the truth is slightly different. “Slightly” is probably too soft. In addition, this wax also changes the color of the fruits, and makes them more attractive to the eye. In the last decade, people have begun to wonder whether this method is really necessary or just a trick for consumers to buy more.
This trick is very simple, you only need to boil water and once the water is hot, immerse the fruit for several minutes (3 minutes), then remove the fruit from the hot water and if you have wax applied, you will notice the change in the skin of fruit.
Since fruit wax has nothing to do with food, companies are not required to disclose their content. It is rumored that this wax contains toxic ingredients, and controversy is still present. The only thing we know is that fruit wax contains allergens such as soy, dairy, gluten and the like.
In addition, wax coatings are filled with fungicides and preservatives, artificial dyes and dyes that make the fruit look good. These dyes are known carcinogens, and are something you do not need in your food.
Although conventional fruit wax is made from health-damaging ingredients, some companies cover their wax products made from natural ingredients. Look for these fruits, and you will never be at a risk of developing an ailment. That is why it is important to buy certified organic fruits.
Organic wax is made from ingredients like carnauba wax, wood resin, and beeswax. Most importantly, it does not contain fungicides, artificial preservatives or petroleum-based ingredients.
Make sure the fruits you are buying do not contain any of these products or try to find fruits that have not been waxed. Look for fruits at the farmers market. Always choose fruits that are in season, because they are never coated with wax.

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